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Goin’ Bananas

Living in the tropics means we have a lot of bananas all year round. It can get pretty boring munching on it and straight out of the peel. These photos give me ideas on how to get more adventurous with my bananas.

Healthful pancakes for breakfast

Another breakfast favorite, dressed up: French toast with grilled banana

banan pudding
Honeycomb ice cream on top of a warm banana pudding, topped with vanilla sauce

Banana financier

Banana cake

Banana waffle

Bananas, spring roll wrap, nutella, and butter

Turon - bananas sliced lengthwise, wrapped in spring roll wrap, rolled in sugar and deep fried. Jackfruit bits are usually rolled up with the bananas for a more delicious combo. These warm wraps go well with the ice cream.

Dessert medley - banana parfait, banana chocolate milk custard with baileys sauce and a chocolate dipped banana lollipop

Crazy about Crepes

I Smell A Rat and It Tastes Like Chicken