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Bats for Dinner! (And Other Exotic Food Photos)

Ever wondered what bats taste like? I didn’t, at least not until a few hours ago. But if past experience is any indication, then bats must surely taste like chicken.

Like most food lovers, I have a special interest in food photography. So for my first post in this blog, I decided to post some particularly ‘interesting’ food photos from the photo sharing site, flickr.

Now for the regulars of that site, we know that food is a popular subject there. A lot of really good food photography could be found in that site. But for this post, I chose to highlight photos which are interesting not so much for their composition, but more for their strangely edible subjects.

First up is a delicacy from my country the Philippines. It is called kabag or stewed bats. This picture is the first time I saw the dish. And from the looks of it, I have no plans of trying it.

kabag or stewed bats

Next up are the strangest cuts of meat I have ever seen. They kinda put a face to the anonymized and sanitized meat we commonly eat. It’s as if they are somehow partly alive. I must say that here at home we do eat chopped pork snout in a concoction called sisig. But in that dish, the pig’s anatomical features are chopped beyond any recognition.

pile of pig snout

meat with eyes

Now let’s go for some Thai delicacies. We have larvae, deep fried crispy frogs and fried grasshoppers. Now I seem to have read somewhere that insects are a good source of protein minus the fat. And these things are supposed to cleaner than stuff that comes bloodied out of the slaughter house. But in spite of those facts, I still prefer beef over insects or amphibians.

fried grasshoppers

deep fried frogs

larvae to eat

Finally, we have the last thing that will come to mind when someone mention Chinese food. No, this isn’t dimsum or noodles. These are scorpion kebabs from a Beijing night market. I would hate to have the job of catching these critters.

bbq scorpion

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