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Happy Birthday Grandma!

In our country, Christmas season starts September and ends around the first week of the New Year. But before the inevitable end to the jolly season, our family celebrates by Grandma’s birthday. She turned 87 last January 3. This year, we had a special surprise party for her at a restaurant. My cousins dressed up the place with a colorful banner and a life-size cartoon of Grandma.

My hubby and I ‘premiered’ a collection of pictures from family members reminiscing the old days. Some of the pictures went as far back as the 1920s! Grandma’s sisters, both octogenarians, were there to celebrate too. Great food, dancing and touching stories made it a party to remember.

These events had me thinking if I will live long enough to celebrate my 87th birthday. To increase my chances, I promised myself to eat better this year. So, these are the foods that will be in my grocery cart each time I visit the store. My top 8 this 2008:

  1. Oats - our yummy breakfast staple
  2. Walnuts - we love putting this in pancakes
  3. Pumpkin - my hubby is not a fan but I’ll try to learn recipes that he will probably like.
  4. Fish - the wild, fatty, cold-water variety (sardines, mackerel, herring, salmon)
  5. Soy - my personal fave, although this is a no-no for people with a family history of breast cancer
  6. Spinach - and other dark green leafy veggies
  7. Tomatoes - gotta love the cancer fighting lycopene inside
  8. Yogurt - this will be my default snack. Great as dessert too!

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