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Fruity First Names

Last week, when Miss Korea, Honey Lee won third runner up at the Miss Universe pageant, I can’t help but remember the fruity names some parents give their children. In our country,  fruit derived first names are not that unusual. In school, I knew 2 Apples and a Peachy. We have actresses named Strawberry and Cherry Pie. It seems to be the rage these days, Gwyneth Paltrow named her first born Apple. I tried to find out what other fruity names parents are giving their kids. It seems that the most ‘common’ food baby names can be categorized into three: fruity, spicy and flowery. Today, we’ll focus on the fruity names.

  • Anona \a-no-na\ - Latin origin meaning “pineapple”. Also possibly derived from the name of the Roman goddess Anonna, guardian of food and supplies.
  • pineapple

  • Linda \l(i)-nda, lin-da\ - Spanish origin, and meaning “pretty”. Originally derived from “linde”, a Germanic name referring to the lime tree.
  • limes

  • Linden \l(i)-nden, lin-den\ - a variant of Linda. Unlike the feminine name Linda, Linden may be for a boy or girl. It is of English origin.
  • Olivia \o-li-via\ - It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is “olive tree”. And of course Olive, is a popular name too.
  • olives

  • Rice \r(i)-ce\ - Usually a boy’s name. It is of English origin. Anglicization of Rhys (Welsh) or a respelling of the German name Reis, possibly meaning “knight on horseback”, “gatherer of twigs”, “wood carver”, or “dweller in the brush”.
  • rice

  • Coco or Koko - from Coconut. In our country it’s usually a nickname for Francisco or any other long name ending with a ‘co’.
  • Cocoa - I have found out this is a popular name for pet dogs and feline friends. Now if you are a chocoholic mom, why not names of chocolatiers? Back in high school, I had a classmate named Hershey. And for boys why not Leonidas, Lindt or even Milo?
  • cacao

  • Rimona \r(i)-mo-na\ - Arabic origin, and its meaning is “pomegranate”.
  • pomegranate

So, does having a fruity first name make a difference to one’s well-being? Perhaps, it will serve as a constant reminder to eat fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. For example, spinach and turnips provide folic acid, potatoes and bananas are rich in vitamin b complex, iceburg, lettuce and lentils contain choline and avocadoes and green beans have vitamin b6 in them.

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