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A lot of recipe sites have a search by ingredients feature. Usually, you enter the ingredients one by one and you get a list of recipes that uses the ingredients given on the list. It turns out you could do the same thing on our recipe search tool. You just enter all the ingredients in the search box, press the search button and presto! You get a list of recipes matching your ingredient list.

For example, you have a craving for anything with chocolate and coffee. Just type “chocolate coffee” on the search box, click the button and you get your chocolates and coffee recipe fix (note: clicking on search term link takes you to the results page). Or maybe you could try a search on the uncommon combination of “strawberry and coffee“. A search for “pineapple grapefruit orange” also gives a nice bunch of recipes.

Note that we didn’t modify the recipe search tool. It still works as described in this blog post. This post just aims to inform you of a neat trick you might have missed the first time around. We’re really glad we made the decision to use the Google custom search engine tool. It gives us really good search abilities for free. By the way, all this works with our Firefox search plugin too.

So go ahead, try it out and tell us what you think.

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