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Firefox 2 Recipe Search Plugin and Feedback

We are happy to announce the availability of the Firefox 2 Recipe plugin for our Food Lava Recipe Search. To install the plugin simply go to and
click the installation link at the bottom. Installing the plugin will add a new search engine to the Firefox 2 search box.

Food Lava Recipe Search Firefox Plugin

This search engine will help you find the best recipes from the most popular recipe sites on the web. Recipes from allrecipes, epicurious, recipezaar, yahoo food, and many more are included. We are also continuously adding more sites to further enhance the search results. Try it and you will be amazed with the number and the quality of recipes you will get from your searches.

The feedback for our search service has been all positive. People are telling us that they like the fact that they getting a lot of relevant results on their searches (several pages worth).

However the uptake is a little slower than we expected. We hope that this search plugin would help. We also hope you would take the time to spread the word to your friends and families. We really think they would like this. Some promotion in social news and bookmarking sites would also be appreciated.

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