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Food Lava Recipe Search

Today we officially announce the Food Lava Recipe Search Engine. Its a simple tool you can use to find the best recipes on the web. The screenshot below shows how simple it really is. It has a box where you type the recipe you are looking for (say roast salmon) and a button to submit your search.

Food Lava Recipe Search Screenshot

It’s as simple as Google. In fact, it’s powered by Google’s custom search engine technology. So why use this instead of the vanilla Google site? The main reason is with this tool you only get recipe pages. It excludes non-recipe sites.

When you do a search on Google’s main site for say “cheese”, the results will most likely include informative sites like the Wikipedia entry for cheese and maybe a website for some cheese club. That’s cool, but what if you just want cheese recipes? The results from the Food Lava Recipe Search gives you just that.

Try it! Just head on over to and use it to find the best devil’s food cake recipe on the web. We think you’ll like the results so much that you’ll bookmark our search tool for future use. Tell us what you think of it by leaving a comment below.

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