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Chocolate Labrador: Also makes a nice Valentine's Day gift

Now we all know that chocolates are hot gift items during Valentine’s day. Girls love getting them and guys love giving them. You can get them at your local shops or you can also buy them at various places online. Just type: “buy chocolates” on Google and you’ll find a wide selection. Amazon also carries a variety of gourmet chocolates. But what better way to express your love than to make the chocolates yourself!

Don’t know how? No problem! I’m sure you’re all veterans at this. You just go to your favorite recipe site, like epicurious, allrecipes, or recipezaar and you will most likely find what you’re looking for.

You could also try browsing your local bookstore for chocolate cookbooks. But just recently, I found another good source of information. While looking for chocolate recipes online I stumbled upon the cookbook section of Wikibooks.

Wikibooks is a sister project of Wikipedia. For those who don’t know, Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia which is collaboratively written by people over the internet. So Wikibooks is much like that except they collaborate on writing online books. And they also happen to have a cookbook section.

There are fewer recipes compared to other popular recipe sites, but I think given more time they could build a larger collection. The success of the Wikipedia project shows that collaborative projects like this could work. And by the way, they have a recipe for chocolate truffles. Because of it’s collaborative nature, you can edit or submit your own recipes.

So after Valentine’s day, after you have already given your loved one the chocolates, you could give back some love to the community by contributing your own recipes to the site. It would help build a useful reference for everyone to enjoy.

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